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CrazyPants does Practice Wear!

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A Note from Julie….aka “The Crazy Pants Lady”

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Celebrate with us! Mix and match with CRAZY GEAR!   BOWS, BRAS AND PANTS.

Thanks to all of you. CrazyPants is at Cheer, Dance, Gymnastics, Volleyball and many more Events all over the United States.....even Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand! Look for the CrazyPants Banner at your next sporting event and come say "Hello!" or better yet, invite us to your event, and we'll pack up our pants and be right there! You have welcomed our new products of companion products: CrazyBras, CrazyBows and CrazyBears. So we have an expanding family because of you!

The CrazyPants Lady LOVES pictures!! Follow us on Instagram (official_crazypants) and tag us in your CrazyPants pictures. Who knows, we may use them on our official CrazyPants Website!! 




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