About Us


Crazy Pants was born out of the hours of watching the high energy and emotions of the girls competing in cheer events. As I sat on the sideline I thought that a collage of color who be a good addition to and a truer representation of the energy of her girls who were out there competing. On my frequent flights as an active flight attendant the thoughts and the plan came together. So on one of my layovers I stopped to check out some fabric and when I got home I sewed up some crazy colored cheer pants for my daughters. It wasn’t long before some of the girls and other Moms asked if I could make them some of these happy, crazy cheer pants. CrazyPants was born.

As we went to different events other participants commented on the pants and asked me to make them, so it grew. Then CrazyBras were on the drawing board. Now we have CrazyBows to compliment the CrazyPants and CrazyBras and bears are showing up with CrazyPants. Well what began at the sewing machine in the back room went into inventory in the living room and beginning to take over the house. Now we have had to move inventory back to my home town in Holland, Michigan to augment the storage and order filling from the internet. So it goes, I am still flying. My girls are in school. My husband is working and helping “mind the store”.We have customers throughout the United States and even in Austrailia , New Zealand and Canada and other countries. I am surprised and flattered by the many invitations to have our Crazy Pants in a number of competition events.

A Calendar of our events is included on this site. You can also find our Crazy Pants at selected gym and sports apparel shops which are listed. Finally, we encourage your feedback on this website. It is our goal to serve our wonderful customers better and make Crazy Pants available beyond the various events we attend. We are all about family, faith and fun in our active lives. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Send me a note at Julieflies@yahoo.com

Thank you for your interest in our family endeavor, Julie and “the girls”